Trump’s Bosses Demand His Financial Information
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Trump’s Bosses Demand His Financial Information

Citizens Across the Country Call for Their Employee to Release His Tax Returns

Tax demands. Tens of thousands of protestors at demonstrations nationwide Saturday called for Trump to release his taxes. Crowds gathered in Washington, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and elsewhere. Trump has refused to release his taxes. He is now claiming that the demonstrators were paid. Some of the demonstrations featured Trump chickens, huge inflatable versions of our nation’s blowhard-in-chief. In San Francisco,  David Cay Johnston, the founder of, unveiled Trump’s partial 2005 tax return on

Immigrant lock-up. A private prison company, the GEO Group, announced it has a $110 million federal contract to build a 1,000-bed immigrant detention center in Texas. A subsidiary of the GEO Group was accused of making illegal campaign contributions to a pro-Trump super PAC. Trump’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, reversed a decision by former President Barack Obama to phase out private prisons. Immigrants at a GEO detention center in Tacoma, Wash., went on a hunger strike to protest conditions there.

White House secrecy. Trump is refusing to say who visits him at the White House or at his Florida getaway that is costing us millions or at his gaudy, self-named monstrosity on Fifth Avenue in New York. Former President Barack Obama released the records after a lawsuit from the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. CREW and other watchdog groups have also sued the Trump administration.

April 16, 2017