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Wednesday, December 8
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NRA Fights Biden Ban of Russian Ammunition

Russian Sanctions, Says the White House; Anti-Gun Policy, Say the Gun Nuts

MItch McConnell’s Know-Nothing, Do-Nothing Agenda

The Radical Republican Leader Says the Party Has No Legislative Plans Before the Midterms

Republicans Show Their Fake Anti-Corporate ‘Populism’

Democrats in Congress Actually Want to Do Something About Corporate Power

Unequal Justice: Women’s Freedom on the Chopping Block

Six Radical Republicans on the Supreme Court Are on the Verge of Denying a Woman’s Right to Control Her Own Body

The Working Class Is All About ‘Dignity’ and ‘Respect’

And They Get Neither from an Economy that Exploits Labor and Rewards the Already Wealthy 

Lessons Learned from Kenosha, Charlottesville and Brunswick

Three Trials, Three Verdicts, but Few Conclusions

Is that a Good Guy With a Gun or Bad Guy With a Gun?

More and More Judges Limit Cops’ Authority to Stop and Frisk ‘Armed and Dangerous’ Individuals

Under Four Years of Trump’s Rule, the Richest Workers Got a Lot Richer

Stunning New Data on Trump-Era Policies Show the $1 Million-Plus Club Taking 82% of All Pay Increases 

Biden Pushes Toward Removal of Postmaster General

With Three New Appointees on the Postal Service Board, Louis DeJoy’s Days of Dismantling the Post Office Appear Numbered

The U.S. Is Heading into a Perfect Storm of Fascism

If You Think America’s Future Looks Bleaker Than Ever, You’re Right. Here’s Why.

The House Votes for Government

At Its Core, the Build Back Better Bill Is About Tackling Big Problems with Big Ideas

Rittenhouse Could Be Just the Beginning of a Bloody New Era of Gun Violence

The Trump-NRA Supreme Court Is Weighing a Case Now that Could Let ‘Anyone Carry Guns Anywhere’

McCarthy’s Harangue: Eight Hours and Not a Word About Threats of Violence

Even as More and More of His Fellow Republicans Get Nastier and More Dangerous Daily

Price Gouging: Actual Reason for Covid Inflation

Corporations Are Taking Advantage of the Situation to Raise Prices … and Profits

The Mangled History of Mainstream Media and the Steele Dossier

It’s Still Not Clear Just How Close the 2016 Trump Campaign Was to Russia

New York on the Verge of Passing Tough Law Curbing Giant Corporations

State Senate Has Passed the ’21st Century Antitrust Act’ Targeting Amazon, Apple and Others

What Criminal Defenses Does Bannon Have?

‘Trump Made Me Do It’ Isn’t a Lawful Argument

Maybe Just Talking Is Enough for Now

No Grand Bargains from the Biden-Xi Tele-Summit, and That’s Exactly What Was Expected 

It’s Been 20 Years Since the Last Catastrophic U.S. Plane Crash

Better Training, Technology and Regulation Have Helped Make Flying Safer than on the Day Fight 587 Fell from the Sky

Striking Coal Miners Take Their Cause to Wall Street

As Alabama Miners Continue a Months-Long Walkout, Union Members Target the Wall Street Money Managers Who Own the Mines

Why We’re Underestimating Climate Change

We Need the Greatest Economic Transformation in History, in the Shortest Timespan—Or Else It’s Lights Out

‘Presidents Are Not Kings’

A Federal Judge Tells Coup-Plotting Trump Where to Stuff His Executive Privilege Claims

There’s the Cost, Too, of Not Passing Biden’s Big Bill

Yes, the Government Will Spend a Lot of Money, But That’s Just One Side of the Equation

Why Care What Josh Hawley Has to Say About Masculinity?

Maybe It’s Because He Supports the Kind of Men who Stormed the Capitol

How Trump’s Appointees Continue to Dismantle the Postal Service

But the Big Postal Unions Won’t Join the Effort to Force Dejoy and Bloom from Their Posts

White Voters Throw a Tantrum in Virginia

It Was the Democrats’ Election to Lose, and They Did

Why Don’t Societies See Their Own Collapse Coming?

What America and Britain Teach Us About the Willful Ignorance of Failing States

Halloween Means Trick, Not Treat, for Child Slaves

The Big Seven Candy Makers Rely on Contraband Cocoa Beans Harvested by Enslaved Children

Chalk Up a Win for Biden: a Global Minimum Tax on Corporations

Chalk Up a Win for Biden: a Minimum Tax on Corporations

Biden Unveils New ‘Build Back Good Enough’ Plan

The President Appeases Manchin, Sinema with a Scaled-Down Spending Package

Labor Takes Biden Fight to Homes of Congressional Leaders

Delay Passing Build Back Better Infuriates Union Members

On Gun Issues, Red States Tell the Feds to ‘Pound Sand’

Legislatures and Local Governments Resurrect Ancient ‘Nullification’ Argument

Throw the Book at Him!

Of Course, Congress Should Press to Prosecute Steve Bannon

Greg Abbott’s Crazy, Dangerous Lone Star Rebellion

The Far-Right Texas Governor, a ‘Political Windsock,’ Fights Biden and Even Crazier Fellow Wingnuts 

The Next Ugly Covid Fight: Vaccines for Children

As Drugmakers Prepare Doses for Kids, We Can Expect the Anti-Vaxxers Will Rally Again

Republicans Stack the Congressional Deck

As Legislatures Redraw District Lines, the Big Steal of the 2022 House Election Is Well Under Way We’re seeing early results of the partisan campaigns of both parties to redraw congressional districts in their favor. It’s a quick dive into the poorly lit backroom of politics that can have a lasting effect on the results.

The Combustible World of Donald Trump

Many Fires and Explosions Darken Trump’s Businesses

Justice Department Backs Shield Law Protecting Gunmakers

Biden Says He Wants People to Be Able to Sue Firearms Manufacturers, but Merrick Garland Supports the Current Ban

School Books Become the Focus of the Culture Wars

Covid Ire Spreading to Texts Exploring Diversity, Racism and Black History

New Report Says Meat, Poultry Plants Are Covid Hotbeds

USDA Study Shows Working Conditions in Meatpacking Plants Likely Drove Coronavirus Outbreaks

Plenty of Proof that the One-Percent Are Scoundrels

The Facebook Whistleblower and the Pandora Papers Show How Corporations and the Wealthy Really Operate

Lock Him Up!

Trump and His Minions Step into Illegality, Over and Over Despite it all, from impeachable offenses to bad policy to public lying about coronavirus dangers, Donald Trump apparently remains the most popular Republican in the country. The political tea leaves, including his own, say that except for any serious health issue it is likely that

Judge Orders Investigation of NRA Political Contributions

Gun Group Accused of Using Shell Corporations to Funnel Money to Trump and Other Candidates; FEC Did Nothing

A New Roll Call of of the Worst Corporate Polluters

BP, Exxon, DuPont and Other Companies Have Paid Out $15 Billion to Settle Environmental Lawsuits

Stuck with Problems of Our Own Making

Whether It’s the Afghanistan Withdrawal or the Federal Debt Crisis, Congress Just Isn’t Capable of Governing

Meet the Most Dangerous Man in America

If You’re a Woman, Gay, Trans or Just About Anyone but a Gun-Totting White Male, He Wants to Take Away Your Rights … and, So Far, He’s Winning

Memo to the President: ‘Ignore Congress’

By Refusing to Raise the Debt Limit, the Republicans Are Opening Up a Wide Avenue to Increase Presidential Power

How $3 a Day Can Buy America a Rich Future

Making Sense of  Big Scary Numbers Budget Numbers

Trumpism on the Run, California Recall Shows

Getting Out Facts and Making Sure Voters Cast Ballots Beats Trumpism The overwhelming failure in the recall of California Gov. Gavin Newsom should send a powerful message to those Republicans who think their future lies with Donald Trump and Trumpism. It doesn’t. By any measure, the vote to retain Newsom was a landslide. Almost 64%

A 21st Century Federal Writers’ Project Proposed

Proposal to Chronicle Pandemic’s Effects Is Modeled on 1930s Federal Writers’ Project

Preventing Power Failures That Kill Hundreds of Americans

Energy Secretary Would Run a $5 Billion Power Outage Prevention Program 

Biden Tries to End the Republican Pro-Covid Movement

Vaccine Mandates Fly in the Face of the Anti-Science, Pro-Pandemic Crowd

Republicans Are from Mars

But Too Many of Them Are Running Things on Planet Earth

On Labor Day, a Few Words About the Job Creators Myth

The Usual Suspects Are Lining Up to Thwart Biden’s Infrastructure Plan and Fleece Workers All Over Again

The Supreme Court’s Colossal Failure

OKing the Texas Vigilante Law Declares Open Season on Abortion; Get Ready for What Comes Next Caveats aside, the effect of the Supreme Court’s decision to gut abortion in Texas will go far beyond women’s health decisions. We should stop and shudder about the consequences for state-sanctioned intimidation by bullies who don’t like your decisions

What Big Media Got Wrong About the Latest Jobs Report

Actually, Employment and the Economy Are Humming Along Nicely

Vigilante Justice in the Lone Star State

Texas Grants Anyone on the Street the Power to Block Abortions, and the Supreme Court Ducks the Matter Altogether So, the new aggressive and restrictive Texas abortion law, one that encourages vigilantism to stop abortions, kicked in on Sept. 1 with no one at the Supreme Court deciding to enforce current federal law. The Texas

Heroes All Around Us

From the California Wildfires to the Afghanistan Airlift to the Covid Frontline, Real Heroics Every Day

My Daughter Was Shot Dead, and My Senators Don’t Give a Damn

A Heartbroken Mother Shares Her Pain; Lists NRA-funded Politicians  My oldest daughter was shot in the head in April while reading in her Kansas City apartment by someone who aimed through her first-floor window. Aviva lived for two more days, kept alive by machines until her brain swelled enough that she could be pronounced brain

Recalculating Nancy Pelosi’s Big Win

Yes, the Speaker Got the First Votes She Needed on Biden’s Giant Infrastructure Plan, But It’s Far from a Done Deal The preliminary win to advance President Biden’s huge social services spending bill is being depicted as a parliamentary victory for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over a small group of would-be Democratic spoilers. A day

Hunger: America’s Other Pandemic

Minorities Have Been Especially Hard Hit Through the Covid Crisis

Biden Administration Breaks Deal on Big-Game Hunting

NRA Agreement Made It Easier to Put Animal ‘Heads on Walls’ Federal regulators have tossed a last-minute Trump-era agreement with the National Rifle Association about wildlife conservation which critics said was designed to help trophy hunters. Aurelia Skipwith, director of the Fish and Wildlife Service under Trump, signed the agreement on Jan. 13, just seven

How the Afghanistan Debacle Is Exploding Right-Wing Heads

A Case of Cognitive Dissonance: Are the Endangered Afghans Friends in Need or Infectious Islamic Invaders?   For a few moments, I wondered if the Republican opposition, which is so reveling in the discomfort that Joe Biden’s decision-making on Afghanistan has evoked, actually was expressing  concern about the fate of myriad Afghans who helped the

Andrew Cuomo’s Unfinished Business

As the Disgraced Governor of New York Prepares to Exit His Office, He’s Walking Out on Efforts to Settle the Country’s Longest Labor Strike

Why Americans Can’t Have Nice Things

Want to Know What We Could Have Done with All of the Money We Wasted Fighting in the Middle East? Look at China.

Finger Pointing Over the Fall of Afghanistan

Who to Blame? Bush, Who Walked Away? Obama, Who Dithered? Trump, Who Made the Deal? Or Biden, Who Closed It? And now, with the inevitable, but quickened, collapse of Afghanistan comes the blame game and the need to use national embarrassment for political gain. Call it mistaken national pride or a constant need for a

Biden Blows the Afghanistan Withdrawal

Yes, Leaving Is the Right Thing to Do, but the Taliban Takeover Is Coming Far Faster than Anyone in the Administration Envisioned

The U.S. Census Paints a Colorful Picture of America

The 2020 Count Finds Fewer Whites and Many More Hispanics and Asians

Everything You’ll Want to Know About Donald Trump’s Legal Woes

The Disgraced Former Guy Is In Over His Head in Court Cases and Investigations; Here’s Your Definitive Catalogue

Amazon vs. the Workers, Round 2

A Grassroots Union Confronts the Corporate Giant at Its Staten Island Warehouse

Senate Passes ‘Bipartisan’ Infrastructure Bill

A Big Win for the Country, But There’s A Lot of Necessary Work That’s Left Out

Union Girds for Another Round with Amazon

Preparing for a New Vote at the Retail Giant’s Alabama Warehouse, Workers Outline the Company’s Illegal Efforts to Sway the Election

‘Good Way to Die’: The Moonies and the Jan. 6 Insurrection

An AR-15 Worshiping Sect Mobilized for the Attack on the Capitol and Is Recruiting the Far Right to Its Apocalyptic Vision

Gun-Loving Republicans Line Up Against Biden’s ATF Nominee

Firearms Bureau Hasn’t Had a Senate-Confirmed Chief Since 2015 NRA-funded Republicans are trying to block Senate confirmation of President Joe Biden’s choice to head our nation’s agency that works to reduce gun violence. All 50 Republicans in the Senate are expected to vote against David Chipman who worked for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms

New York Attorney General Throws the Book at Cuomo

Who You Gonna Believe? The Governor? Or the 179 Witnesses Who Say He’s a Bully and a Sexual Harasser?

Just Go Away!

The Former Grifter-in-Chief Won’t Disappear Like a Respectable Ex-President Should

Labor Board Orders New Amazon Union Vote

Hearing Officer Finds Company Rigged Alabama Contest with Help from Postal Service

The Real Radical Republican Agenda

They Don’t Want Limited Government; They Want No Government at All Republicans obviously don’t like being in the minority. When they can stop fighting amongst themselves or with shadows in the corner, they are already heavily under way with literal campaigning and supportive efforts in Washington aimed at the next election cycle. Unfortunately, they’re walking

NRA Affiliate Challenges Strict New York Handgun Law

Two Men Denied Gun Permits Want the Supreme Court to Overturn Century-Old State Law

Medicare for All Activists Press Democrats

Advocates Urge Ocasio-Cortez and Other Progressives to Support Single-Payer Healthcare

One Dirty Creek Tells the Story of 450,000 U.S. Brownfields

Newtown Creek Exemplifies Our Government’s Agonizingly Slow Response to Environmental Cleanup

Trump-Backed Candidate Swamped in Texas Primary

Texas Special Election Signals Americans Prefer Democracy over Trumpism

J.D. Vance Thinks George Washington Wasn’t Fit to Be President

Ohio Senate Candidate J.D. Vance Says Politicians Who Don’t Have Children Shouldn’t Hold Office Unless we are pursuing politics for a living, we generally try to avoid spending actual time outside of elections thinking about individual candidates. That is, we ignore them unless they do and say things that are just so nuts that we

Congress Kicks Off the Trump/Jan. 6 Investigation

And Most Republicans Still Can’t Handle the Truth The formal Jan. 6 investigation by Congress kicked off Tuesday and was, of course, made almost secondary by fighting over who’s doing the investigating. The first hearing of the new, select, 13-member House committee heard from four police officers who made clear that: The Jan. 6 attacks

House Republicans Try to Get A Handle on Climate Change

They Don’t Have Any Ideas, But At Least They’re Not Denying It Altogether

Among Republicans, a Pandemic of Hypocrisy

Suddenly, the Radical Right Is Pushing Vaccinations Among Infected Red-State Voters

Labor Board: ‘Scabby the Rat Is a Really Big Cheese’

Biden-Appointed Chairman Steers Ruling that Unions Have the Right to Use the Giant Inflatable Rodent in Labor Protests

Congress Considering Big Lift for Home Healthcare Workers

Senate Weighs Better Care for the Homebound, Better Pay for Their Caregivers

Pelosi Boots Two Radical Republicans from Jan. 6 Committee

And a Shocked, Shocked McCarthy Yanks Back Another Three Representatives

The Whole World Could Have Been Vaccinated Already

How Big Pharma Is Using Public Money to Make Billions Fighting the Virus … and Dragging Their Feet as they Do It

How to Order Plans for an Untraceable Plastic Handgun

A Trump-Appointed Judge Clears the Way for Global Online Trafficking of Unregistered Weapons

A Supreme Court Ruling That’s Right Out of the 19th Century

Conservative Majority Rewrites the Fifth Amendment to Bar Union Organizers from Farms

Trump Makes A Stunning Confession

He Promised ‘The Best People,’ But Admits He Picked ‘Losers’

How the Biden Administration’s Foot-Dragging Is Killing the Arts

Community Theaters, Opera Companies Hit Hard in the Pandemic Still Struggle; Two-Thirds of Grant Requests Not Paid

New York Throws a Parade, and Essential Workers Say, ‘Fuhgettaboutit!’

 Ticker Tape and Empty Accolades Are Meant to Keep Frontline Covid Workers in Check New York City threw essential workers a ticker-tape parade along the canyon of heroes last week. And somehow, Gotham’s gilded oligarchs were spared the unsavory sight of marchers in matching “I Saved Your Asses From COVID-19 And All I Got Was

Recasting Anti-Vaccination Governors as Mass Murderers

A Comparison of Covid Deaths in Two Republican-Run States with Wildly Different Approaches to the Virus

Regulating Dangerous Pesticides: New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

The Biden Administration Defends Some of Trump Administration Pesticide Decisions

Trump CFO Out as Director of Scottish Golf Course

First Indication that Weisselberg Indictment Affects Trump Organization Operations

Buying Democracy In a Good Way

‘We Can Make Voting Rights About Money’

Trump FEC Holdovers Accused of Delaying Finance Cases

Giffords Gun-Control Group Says Board Stalled on Charges NRA Funneled Illegal Millions to Hawley, Cotton and Others

How We’re Helping the Taliban

U.S. Troops Leave Behind Weapons and Other War Materiel as They Quickly Get Out of  Afghanistan

Beggar-In-Chief Tries Yet Again to Trick the ‘Poorly Educated’

Trump Tries Raising Money in His Fight to Force Social Media Companies to Let Him Spew His Bile America’s panhandler in chief, Donald Trump, just proved beyond all doubt that he has no idea what is in the Constitution he took an oath to defend. Trump today sent me and millions of others a text

Texas Officials Reject Texas History

If the Real Story of the Alamo Doesn’t Match What They Learned as Children, They Don’t Want You to Hear It

So Long, Afghanistan; It’s Been a Trip

U.S. Hands Over the Giant Bagram Airbase as the 20-Year War Winds Down

Trump: ‘One Law for Hungry Pizza Thieves, Another for Me’

Responding to the New York Indictments, Trump Declares He Should Be Allowed to Break Whatever Law He Wants

This Is Why a Conservative Supreme Court Is Bad for America

The 6-3 Decision Upholding Arizona’s Restrictive Voting Law Guts Everyone’s Rights

The South Dakota Governor Raises the Bar on Republican Crazy

Kristi Noem One-Ups Tucker Carlson and Kevin McCarthy with an Order to Send the National Guard to the Southern Border

Fewer Babies Are Being Born, And That Could Be a Bad Thing

Birthrates Are Up in Africa but Falling in Europe, the U.S., India and Mexico; Down in 183 Countries Around the World

When Government Fails, On Purpose or Not

Whether Facing a Collapsed Florida Condo or the Texas-Mexico Border, Politicians Too Often Just Go Through the Motions of Governing

DCReport Uncovers A Huge Secret Tax Favor for Super Wealthy

DCReport has uncovered a secret IRS tax favor for the super-rich—authorized when Donald Trump was president—that will take effect on Thursday, July 1. President Joe Biden can stop it with one phone call. Will he? The Biden White House was unaware of this Trump tax favor—disguised as a crackdown on wealthy tax cheaters—when DCReport asked

A Weird Way to Govern

Biden Tosses Republicans a Meager ‘Bipartisan’ Infrastructure Bone as He and Democrats Prepare to Go Alone on a Much Bigger Plan

How Trump’s Toothless IRS Let the Rich Off Easy

New Data Show a 99% Drop in Post-Audit Collections; Commissioner Estimates $1 Trillion in Unpaid Taxes 

Justice Department Considers Restrictions on ‘Ghost Guns’

Unregistered, Untraceable Kit Guns Flood the Market; 24,000 Seized

The Bipartisanship Trap

Whether Both Parties Agree Is Irrelevant; What’s Important Is Actually Governing

How Republicans Plan to Punish China for the Pandemic

The GOP Doesn’t Need, or Want, Evidence to Play Its Blame Game

It’s Time for the Senate to Vote on Voting Rights

As Schumer Gets Ready to Test the Democrats, McConnell Stands Firm in Opposition We get another peek on Tuesday at just what an upsidedown world the U.S. Senate represents with a test vote on voter rights legislation that is being washed twice, rinsed and hung out on a bipartisan clothesline just in time for Republicans

Mitch McConnell: Enemy of the People

Let’s Be Blunt—the Senate’s Republican Leader Just Simply Opposes American Democracy

What Will It Take for Republicans to Finally Accept Obamacare?

Three Times the Supreme Court Has Upheld the Healthcare Program. It’s Time for the GOP to Get On Board.

European Union Blacklists Big Banks

JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Bank of America Among Group Penalized for Bad Practices

Biden Breaks Promise on Covid Protections, Nurses Charge

The Pandemic Isn’t Over, but the New Administration Is Acting Like It Is On Donald Trump’s watch workers were callously denied enforceable workplace safety measures during the Covid pandemic. Now frontline workers charge President Joe Biden is failing to protect American workers toiling during the continuing pandemic. “They have certainly broken a promise,” Sonia Singh,

Crime Looms Large in the Race to Run the Big Apple

Eric Adams, a Former Cop, Leads the Pack in the Contest to Take the New York Mayor’s Office New York City’s mayoral election is a one of a kind, one that draws more than its share of identifying Democrats both as candidates and voters. Candidates want to run a city that has held what the

Big Tech Meets Big Justice

The Department of Justice Finds Silicon Valley an Easy Path to Your Personal Information Among the many troubling issues arising from disclosure of the politically driven leak investigations in Washington is the rising number of demands for personal information from those big technology companies that track way too much about our lives. The specific complaints

America’s ‘We’re Not Trump’ Team Goes Abroad

The President and Vice President Make Separate Visits to Foreign Friends and Allies By contrast with Donald Trump and Mike Pence, the first foreign forays for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have to go into the books as positive, ally-friendly efforts, complete with a commitment to humanitarian effort and a sense of reengaging us with

A New Look for DCReport

Dear Readers: Don’t run away! Yes, this is still DCReport. We’re just a bit different today. We’ve updated the look and feel of the place, making it, we hope, more reader-friendly and easier to use. The redesign of the website was overseen by our long-time senior adviser, Adam Leipzig, and our equally long-time social media

How Congress and You Subsidize the Richest Americans

A New Leak of IRS Data Blows Apart Any Notion that the Super-Wealthy Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes

The Real Reason Republicans Say Fauci Has To Go

It’s Just Another Ploy to Bolster Donald Trump’s Ego

Meet the Biggest Polluters You Never Knew

These Are the Obscure Companies Threatening the Planet

You Can Thank Donald Trump If You’re Feeling Poorer Today

New IRS Data Show the Wealthy Grew Even Richer in the Trump Years While the Rest of Us Fell Back

Radical Senate Republicans Derail Capitol Insurrection Probe

Just Six Senators Join Democrats Supporting Independent Commission to Investigate Jan. 6 Attack on Congress

Suicide Rates Spike for ICE Detainees

The Pandemic, Use of Excessive Force and Lack of Mental Health Care Made Life Unbearable in Last Year of Trump Admninistration

Republicans Resist Efforts to Upgrade the Postal Service

Current Plans Call for a New Fleet of Gas-Powered Vehicles—But Why Not All-Electric?

Topsy-Turvy Reasoning in the Biden Justice Department

Why in the World Is Merrick Garland Defending William Barr?

Congress Close to Reversing Trump-Era Lending Loophole

Rule Lets Non-Bank Lenders Charge Triple-Digit Interest on Loans

Meet the 200-Year-Old Corporate Criminal

Boston’s State Street Bank Defrauded Its Customers for 17 Years—and That’s Just One of Its Crimes

Big Win for Corporations: SCOTUS Slaps Down Federal Trade Commission

All Nine Justices Say FTC Can’t Take Rogue Companies to Court Without Long, Cumbersome Internal Review First

After the Pipeline Breach, Administration Moves to Beef-Up Cybersecurity

But It’s Unknown What Biden Is Doing to Secure the 2022 and 2024 Elections from Russian Interference

Don’t Worry About Inflation … This Isn’t the 1980s

Scary Headlines Aside, We’re Seeing Pent-Up Demand After 15 Months of Covid Lockdowns

A Good Guy With a Gavel Beats Bad Guys With Guns

Texas Judge Denies NRA Bankruptcy; Clears Way for New York to Proceed Breaking Up the Wounded Firearms Lobby

Wake Up, People, We’re Under Attack

Congress and the White House Aren’t Treating the Colonial Pipeline Security Breach Seriously Enough

Let’s Mock People Who Think Vaccines Are More Dangerous than Covid

It’s Foolhardy to Indulge Idiots Who Flunked Arithmetic and Science

How Our Postal Service Helped Deliver Win To Amazon in Defeat of Union

Amazon Ignored Labor Board Ruling and Installed USPS Ballot Dropbox at the Warehouse

Why We Need to Increase the Size of the House of Representatives

The New Census Figures Show How the Fixed Number of Legislators Is Bad for Democracy and the Republic

What We Can Learn from the (Inaccurate) Census

In Which Our Columnist Reveals His Inner Wonk

The Senselessness of Gun Violence Hits Our Family

The Daughter of DCReport’s Sarah Okeson, Shot and Killed by Random Gunfire in Kansas City

Dormant Federal Election Commission Could See New Life

Watchdog Panel Was Neutered in Trump Era; Biden Can Pick Two New Commissioners

Why All Roads for Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Lead Through West Virginia

It’s Not Just Joe Manchin Who Can Make or Break the Democrats’ $2 Trillion-Plus Proposal

Biden’s Financial Protection Agency Gets Tough

CPFB Reverses Trump-Era Hands-Off Regulation, Ramps Up Abuse Prevention

Chauvin Guilty on All Three Counts

Jury Convicts on Murder, Manslaughter Charges, Bail Revoked, Sentencing to Come

How to Win the Fight to Expand Social Security

Beat the Billionaires Who Want to Ruin America’s Most Popular Government Program

The Hidden Parts of Biden’s Infrastructure Plan That Will Affect Everyone

Call It ‘The Infrastructure of Workplace Protection’—Beefing Up OSHA and Other Agencies Charged with Protecting Workers

Biden Moves to Strengthen the EPA

Troubled Agency Saw ‘Brain Drain’ Over the Trump Years

On Afghanistan, Biden and Trump Agree

Both Want to End the 20-Year War that Killed 2,300 Americans

Enough Is Enough

Biden Administration Plans Legislation to Combat Police Killings 

Republican Controlled States Cancel Orders for Dominion Voting Machines

Financial Loses Bolster Dominion Damage Claims Against Fox News, Giuliani and Others 

Georgia Democrats Seek to Reverse Radical Republican Obamacare Rollback

Governor Forces People into Private Enrollment System; Work Requirement for Medicaid

Republicans Try Playing Hardball … And Strike Out

The Georgia Governor Throws a Tantrum after Baseball Calls a Foul on Voting Restrictions

How Elaine Chao Used Her Cabinet Post to Help Her Family Make Millions

Buried Report Catalogues Transportation Department Support of Shipping Business; Barr Refused to Prosecute

The Price Tag on Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Sounds Like a Lot. It’s Not.

$2 Trillion Over Eight Years Is a Drop in the Bucket

Thousands More Covid Deaths Expected As Utilities Resume Water Shutoffs

Restrictions Falling Away as States Re-Open; Biden Urged to Stop Companies Turning Off Service

A New Plan to Combat International Money Laundering

Start by Beefing-Up an Important Federal Crime-FightingDepartment that You’ve Never Heard Of

Reparations for Bias, Slavery Gain Momentum

Evanston, Ill., Establishes a Fund for Black Citizens, Other Cities Consider Similar Moves

Efforts Under Way to Reverse Postal Service Fleet Deal

$6 Billion Contract Comes Under Congressional Scrutiny as Losing Bidder Weighs Legal Options

We Stand With Our Writer

Bandy Lee Sues Yale, Says University Fired Her Over Efforts to Expose Donald Trump’s Mental Illness

Corporations Need to Support Our Democracy

We Should Press Companies to Get Behind the ‘For the People Act’ and the Efforts to Abolish the Senate Filibuster

How Marco Rubio Turned the Senate Intelligence Committee Into a Trump Defensive Team

A Panel Long Noted for Its Bi-Partisan Oversight of Intelligence Operations Devolved into Warring Camps Over the Trump-Kremlin Conspiracy

Republican House Leader McCarthy Plays His Partisan Cards … and Folds

He Makes an Empty Effort to Boot Eric Swalwell from the Intelligence Committee Over—Get This—a Claim of Undue Foreign Influence 

Biden-Buttigieg Put the Brakes on ‘Bomb Trains’

New Administration Reconsidering Trump Rule Allowing Deadly LNG Rail Shipments

Republicans’ Serious Health Problem—Opposing the Vaccines

It’s Not Enough that They Won’t Wear Masks, Now 30 Million Won’t Get Shots and Threaten the Rest of Us

Biden’s EPA Set To Take Up Issue of Dangerous ‘Forever’ Poisons

Trump-Era EPA Sat on Proposed Designation of PFAS as ‘Hazardous Substances’

Inflation Hawks: Never Right, But Never In Doubt

Right on Cue, Conservatives Cry Wolf  Over Deficit Spending … Just Like the Last Time and the Time Before That

Workers Insist the $15 Minimum Wage Fight Isn’t Over

Labor Groups Angry that Biden and Democrats Didn’t Push for the New Base Pay in the $1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Legislation

Corporate CEOs Don’t Earn the Millions They’re Paid

New Study Finds Top Executives Pocketed a Huge Chunk of the Trump-Radical Republican Tax Cuts

Republicans Want to Nuke Social Spending

Even as They Say the Covid Relief Bill Is Too Costly, the GOP Wants to Spend Billions on Nuclear Weapons

Why the Deep-Freeze Power Debacle Will Cost Texans Billions

Gov. Greg Abbott and other Republican Politicians Are Letting Power Companies Rob the State’s Citizens

Will Senators Keep America’s Promises to Pensioners?

Despite Federal Guarantee, Some Retirees Get Only 30% of  the Pensions They Earned; Covid Relief Bill Would Fix That

Why Congress Must Raise the Minimum Wage

Without a Pay Increase, Workers Will Keep Falling Further and Further Behind

A Good Idea That Backfired

How an Obama-Era Effort to Help Small Businesses and Individual Investors Became a Tool for Big Businesses and Their Top-Tier Financial Backers

Nurses, Other Healthcare Workers Face Increased Violence on the Job

Hospital Staff Are Five Times More Likely to Face Harm at Work

Exclusive: Trump’s Secret Plan to Gut the Federal Workforce

Failed Effort Would Have Removed Job Protections for 84,000 High-Ranking Civil Servants, Make Their Employment Subject to Presidential Whims

Questions Raised About $4.5 Billion-Plus Order for New Fleet of Mail Trucks

Of the 165,000 Vehicles on Order, Only 10% Will Be Electric. Then, There’s the Issue of Building Them with Foreign-Made Parts.

Lawsuit Reveals Trump’s Ties to Russian Mobsters and Oligarchs

Millions Looted to Build Moscow Tower, Buy U.S. Real Estate. At the Center of the Scheme: Trump Associate Felix Sater.

Undoing the Threat to Endangered Right Whales

Trump Administration Turned a Blind Eye to the Mass Killing of the Giant Sea Creatures

Why It’s Time to Make Large Corporations Pay Living Wages

Workers at Walmart, Amazon and Other Mega-Companies Shouldn’t Have to Rely on Medicaid and Food Stamps

The Sad Truth Behind Some Terrific New Income Statistics

Expect Most Media to Report Just the Good Numbers, Not the Real Story

Who Made Joe Manchin ‘The Decider’?

When Every Senate Votes Counts, the West Virginia Democrat May as Well Be a Republican

‘A Lovely Spot, Let’s Spoil It!’

Oregon’s Pristine Crater Lake Is Just One of the Natural Wonders the Biden Administration Now Must Save from Trump’s EPA

The 1.5 Million Child Slaves Behind Your Chocolate Bar

Lawsuit Cites Global Candy Companies; Seeks Freedom, Compensation for Children Forced into Dangerous Work on Cocoa Farms Next time you take a bite of a chocolate bar, consider the small hands that farmed the cocoa beans. Industrial food heavyweights like Nestlé USA, Hershey and MARS Inc., rely on cocoa grown in Côte D’Ivoire, the Ivory

The Real Legacy: A Mental Health Pandemic That Rages Unabated

Donald Trump Remains a Threat; the Half-Million Dead May Be the Lucky Ones

A Grim Milestone of 500,000 Dead

How Many More Will Die Before Everyone Does Their Part to Beat the Virus?

Don’t Worry: If You’re Concerned About Rising Federal Debt, Read This

How Will Our Children Know They Face a Crushing Debt Burden?

I Was a Rush Limbaugh Whisperer

But His Program Became Increasingly Divorced from Reality, Like Much of Right-Wing Media

Yes, Texas Is In Bad Shape Now, But It’s Only Going to Get Worse

The Deep Freeze Is the Disastrous Result of Decades of Republican Government in the State

Why We Need Government That Actually Works

The Texas Freeze and the COVID-19 Pandemic Have a Lot in Common

Trump Intelligence Chiefs Hid Evidence of Russian Election Interference

Internal Intelligence Community Report Names Grenell and Ratcliffe for ‘Politicalization’ of Analysts’ Findings

43 Radical GQP Senators Stand With Trump, Capitol Rioters, Cop Killers

Seven Honorable Republicans Join 48 Democrats, Two Independents to Support the Republic, Rule of Law

Trump Lawyers Phone-In the Defense

Not That It Matters, of Course, Because The Attorneys Are Sure Enough Radical Republican Senators Will Vote for Insurrection

The House Prosecutors May Lose the Vote, But They’ve Won the Case

While There Probably Aren’t Enough Republican Senators with the Courage to Convict, the Story the Managers Told of Trump’s Treachery Will Live in History

The Senate Must Convict Trump

He Could Run Again and Win; He Actually Lost in 2020 by a Lot Fewer Votes Than You Think

How Donald Trump’s Pathology Infects the Millions Who Follow Him

The Violence of the Capitol Insurrectionists Arises From His Mental Illness; Unless He is Held Accountable, We Will See Duplicates of Him

One Last Power End Run by Trump’s Energy Department

Last-Minute Approval of a Controversial Transmission Line Through Maine Wilderness

The Missing Man at the Impeachment Trial

No Trump and No Regrets

Black Farmers Raise Concerns Over Biden’s Pick to Head Agriculture Department

Tom Vilsack, Who Ran USDA in Obama Years, Blamed for Short Changing Minority Borrowers

Trump Administration’s Vaccine Failure Leaves Workers Unprotected

As New Forms of the Virus Spread, Employees Are Feeling Less Safe

House Wins Opening Round of the Impeachment Trial

Senate Votes 56-44 to Proceed with the Second Trial of Donald Trump

Free to Spread Her Bile Without Actually Having to Do Any Real Work

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Representative Without a Job, Can Now Spend Her Time Talking About How She’s Been Mistreated

Why Trump Must be Convicted

As the Senate Prepares to Try Him Again, the Mental Health Pandemic He Unleashed Rages On

At Tax Time, the Rich Have Plenty of Legal Dodges

Congress Writes Lax Laws, Making It Even Better to Be Really, Really Wealthy

It’s the Party of Extremists Now

When Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Chose Not to Rein-In Majorie Taylor Greene, He Chose a New Path for His Dying Political Party

Even Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Isn’t Nearly Enough Pandemic Relief

And the Miserly Proposal of Senate Republicans Shows Again That They Care Only About White Americans

Government Workers Want Biden to Reverse Anti-Labor Policies

Trump Gutted Rights of Federal Workforce, Left Employees Unprotected from Pandemic

New Team Takes Over Troubled EPA

Michael Regan, Biden’s Pick to Head Agency, Goes to the Senate This Week

Washington and Moscow: Compare and Contrast

Pro-Democracy Demonstrations in Russia While Insurrectionist Authoritarians Take to the Streets of the U.S.

Throw Her Out of Congress!

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is a Menace and a Traitor

Trump’s Plan for COVID-19 Vaccines Was No Plan at All

Biden’s Inherited Disaster—Not Enough Doses, Not Enough Equipment, No Distribution Network

Why No One Is Paying the Price for The Lousy Rollout of the COVID-19 Vaccines

The Coronavirus Vaccine Fail and International Elites

Biden Administration Hampered In Rolling Out COVID-19 Workplace Protections

OSHA’s Hands Tied; Congress and Trump Inaction Leave Workers Vulnerable

As Doubts Mount About Electronic Voting, Big Equipment Maker Threatens Critics

New York State Considers Adopting a Controversial Tough-Screen Vote-Counting Machine  

Republicans Baptised in Crazy

Trump’s Legacy: From QAnon Lunatics to Fanatical Evangelicals, the Grand Old Party Is Out of Its Mind

Why You Pay More Taxes Than Corporations and the People Who Own Them

It’s Not News That the 1% Get Off Easy, But It’s Still an Outrage. And Here’s How to Make Congress Fix It.

Why the Senate Must Abolish the Filibuster

All that Stands between What People Want and What Congress Delivers Is an Absurd Rule that Assures Minority Rule

Schumer Plays His Weak Senate Hand … Badly

The Democrat Is the New Majority Leader. So Why Is Mitch McConnell Still Running the Place?

Biden Puts Regulators Back in Business

Regulatory Renewal: After Four Years Covering for Big Business, Agencies Get Back to Protecting People

The Pentagon Could Use a Course in Basic Citizenship

20% of the Arrested Capitol Insurrectionists Have Military Backgrounds; Top Brass Need to Teach Enlistees What They Are Defending

How Trump and Other Cult Leaders Infect Their Disciples

Now That He’s Gone: The State of Public Mental Health He Leaves Behind

That Will Be ‘Mr. President’ for the Next Four Years

What a Contrast: Biden Calls for Unity, Truth … No ‘American Carnage’

Bring Back Jobs from China and Mexico? Trump Couldn’t Even Do That Right.

The Loser President Failed to Re-Ignite the Manufacturing Sector. And No, the Corporate Tax Cut Didn’t Work Either. 

In Counting Your Vote, Technology Can Bring As Many Problems as Solutions

Consider Canada’s Simple, No Drama National Elections vs. the Complicated Hodge-Podge in the U.S.

Trump’s EPA Is OK With Poisoning Children

Agency Extends Time for Utilities, Cities to Replace Lead Water Pipes

We’re Fighting The Second American Civil War

Trump’s Army Must Be Defeated Without Destroying Our Nation’s Soul

Insurrection Is a Crime

Trump and His Followers Broke the Law, and That’s What the Senate Is Supposed to Try

House of Representatives 2; Trump 0

The Loser-in-Chief Gets Himself Re-Impeached, Makes the History Books … and a Few Republicans Join in the Vote

Trump Deadenders Rush to Give Apache Sacred Land to a Mining Company

A Last-Minute Transfer of Arizona’s Oak Flat, Protected from Miners Since the Eisenhower Administration

Trump Should Be Hospitalized

Mental Health Experts Say It’s Time for an ‘Involuntary Psychiatric Hold’

What You Need to Know About a Second Impeachment

A Brief Q-and-A: What’s the House Doing, How Will the Senate Deal With It and What Will Happen to Trump?

Texas Has Its Own Vote-Counting Issues

State Election Officials Have Known for Years that Voting Equipment Used in Many Counties Is Too Easy to Hack

They Came for Blood

Make No Mistake: The Terrorists Were There to Kill Pence, Pelosi, Someone

How Biden and the Democratic Congress Can Start Undoing Trumpism

Right Away, They Can Start Rolling Back Some of the Dangerous Deregulation Moves Agencies Made in the Last Six Months

It’s Not Only Republicans In Congress Who Share the Blame

Corporate Enablers Also Must Be Held Accountable for Their Long Support of Trump

Big Energy Companies Pass on Controversial Oil Leases

Just Two Small Drillers and the State of Alaska Bid for Rights in Pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Trump Signals His Coup Isn’t Over

‘Only the Beginning of the Fight,’ Defiant Mob Leader Declares

Trump Must Go!

He Shouldn’t Be in the White House One More Day

Amazon Under Fire for Brutal Warehouse Conditions

Black and Brown Workers Say They Toil in Dangerous Workplaces, Made Worse by COVID

Trump’s Coup Demands Prosecution, Immediate Removal

Even as Trump’s Violent Mob Laid Siege to Our Capitol, He Repeated the Big Lie that the Election was Stolen

Kamala Harris Is About to Become the Most Powerful Vice President in Nearly a Century

She Doesn’t Need a Majority to Hold McConnell Down and Run the Senate Herself

The Georgia Phone Call: Better Than A Psychiatric Examination

Mental Health Experts Say the Hour-Long Exchange Shows Trump is ‘Irrational, Unstable and Dangerous’

Trump Strong-Arms Georgia’s Top Election Official

And Congress Prepares for a Madhouse of Crazy Radical Republicans Challenging the Election Results

Introducing the Congressional Un-American Activities Caucus

There Are 12 Coup-Plotting Radical Republican Senators and 140 Representatives (So Far) Trying to Destroy Our Government

Of Course, This Is How 2020 Ends

Just Three Weeks Ago, We Were Told the New COVID Vaccines Were on Their Way. We’re Still Waiting.

Republicans Have a Friend in the Company That Counts Their Votes

Raising Some Questions about the Voting Machine Company Behind So Many Surprise Wins This Year

A ‘Routine’ Congressional Session That Promises Loads of Fireworks

What to Watch for When the House and Senate Meet to Review the Electoral College Votes

Trump on the Psychiatrist’s Couch

He Meets Every Criterion for Dangerousness; It Goes Back to His Adolescence

Don Corleone With an Unlimited ‘Get Out of Jail’ Card

Trump’s Pardons Show He’s Just a Mob Boss, and His Presidency Is a Criminal Enterprise

Trump, King of the Swamp

Pardons for Bad Guys; Threatening to Deny COVID-19 Relief for Everyone Else

Congress Passes a Half-Assed COVID Relief Bill

But Senators and Representatives Will Be Patting Themselves on Their Backs Anyway

Trump Wants You to Pick Up His Lunch Tab

In the Fine Print of the Newest COVID Relief Bill: White House Insists on Reviving the Infamous ‘Three-Martini Lunch’

Just Another Wacky Weekend in Trump Land

As the End of the Reign Draws Near, Republican World Gets Crazier and Crazier

Financial Protection Bureau OKs Predatory Lending Rules

An Agency Designed to Guard Against Unscrupulous Bankers Is Now Lending Them a Hand

Why The Numbers Behind Mitch McConnell’s Re-Election Don’t Add Up

How Does an 18% Approval Rating Result in a 58% Win?

Whatever He Wants

Why Donald Trump’s Supporters Stay with Him No Matter What

Georgia on His Mind

In Which Our Columnist Considers the Political Circus That Will Decide the Fate of the U.S. Senate

AstraZeneca’s Vaccine Stumbles

It’s Unclear Just How Effective the Company’s COVID Inoculation Will Be

Of Course, Trump Takes a Bow

Horning in on Biden’s Health Team Debut, the Soon-to-be-Former White House Occupant Claims Credit for the Covid Vaccines

Coal Plants Seek More Time to Pollute Water Resources

Trump’s EPA Says Toxic Ash Ponds Can Stay Open into 2028

In Some Matters, the Best Thing a New Attorney General Can Do May Be Nothing

There’s Much at Barr’s Justice Department That Needs Undoing, But Some Things Should Be Left Alone 

Why Biden Needs to Throw the Book at Trump

Healing Cannot—and Should Not—Occur Without Prosecution

Trump Cohort in DOJ Prefers Killing People to Holding Corporations Accountable

With Just Weeks Left in His Reign, the Attorney General Opts for Prisoner Executions over Corporate Prosecutions

Trump’s EPA Clears Way for Extreme Danger ‘Bhopal 2’ Here in the U.S.

Protections from Chemical Plants Weakened; Houston Area Could See a Reprise of  World’s Worst Industrial Accident

The Lame Duck Senate Sees No Need to Get Much Done

It’s Business as Usual for the McConnell Boys; No Covid Relief, but Gotta Save Those Confederate Military Bases

The End Game: Trump Turns Destructive and Vindictive, Like All Dictators

Our Bandy X. Lee Talks with Noted Fascism Expert Ruth Ben-Ghiat

States Seek to Ban Deadly Paint Stripper

Trump’s EPA Refused to Outlaw Methylene Chloride, Which Has Been Banned in Europe for a Decade

Consumer Bureau to Decide Who Owns Your Financial Data

What Should Banks, Fintechs Be Allowed to Do With All that They Know About You?

Judge Rules Against Trump Ploy to Force Elderly Into Nursing Homes

Decision Blocks Effort to Keep States from Deducting Insurance, Union Dues from Home Healthcare Workers

The Biden Train Gets Rolling

His First Cabinet Picks Look Solid and Competent. How’s That for a Change of Pace?

November 22, 1963

Murder Most Foul, by Bob Dylan

There’s Still Time and Reason to Invoke the 25th Amendment

Experts Agree: Trump Is a Clear and Present Danger to the Republic … and He’s Still President

In Pfizer We Trust?

Why You Should Be a Bit Skeptical About the COVID Vaccine Announcements

Trump Is Going Overboard in His Final Days

He Should Just Disappear—Go Golfing and Leave Our Government Alone

Trump’s Ploy to Kill Grandma

Scheme Targets Home Healthcare Workers; Would End Up Moving Elderly, Disabled to Nursing Homes—COVID Hotspots

OSHA Is Out to Lunch During the Pandemic

Workplace Safety Watchdog Is Almost Nowhere to Be Seen as COVID-19 Cases Skyrocket

How Trump Set Up Nursing Home Residents to Die in the Pandemic

And What President-Elect Biden Can Do to Help Them

Out of Sight and Going Out of His Mind

Hold Up in the White House, Trump Rages; Finally, He Feels Shame 

Corporations Take a Back Seat as Biden Readies Government Takeover

Among Those on Transition Teams, Only a Fraction Come from Large Companies

‘Dear Leader’ Prefers Petulance to Governing

He’s Enjoying a Bit of Personal Pique as He Stalls the Biden Camp’s Efforts to Get the Transition Going

Republicans Are Still Gunning for Obamacare

Georgia Has a Scheme to Force People Off the Popular Online Sign-Up Portal and On Private Insurer Sites

Trump Gums Up the Transition Works

Not Only Does He Deny the Election Results, He’s Also Blocking Biden from Preparing to Take Over Our Government

Why So Many White Women Voted for Trump

Because Gender Isn’t the Most Important Reason People Support Candidates

Defeated Trump Is Already Tearing Our Government Apart

Three Big Firings in the Wake or the Election Loss; Expect More Vandalism Before He’s Gone

To Lead a Deeply Divided Nation

Even as Biden-Harris Supporters Celebrate, We Should Be Prepared for Two More Months of Trump’s Nastiness


Harris First Woman VP / Democratic Duo Takes Pennsylvania and Nevada; Georgia, North Carolina, Alaska Still Counting / Trump Reported Golfing

Trump’s Sound and Fury

He Attacks Election Results, but His Arguments Signify Nothing

The Only Real Election Fraud Came from the Republicans

Trump and His Cronies Tried to Discredit Mail-In Ballots; When That Didn’t Work, They Just Didn’t Deliver Them

Labor Unions Take Credit for Biden Vote Counts in Key States

Leaders Say They Will ‘Fight Tooth and Nail’ if Trump Tries to Reverse Election Results

Is This Really the Best We Can Do?

This Muddled Conclusion Uncovers Fundamental Flaws in How We Select a President

Ever Impatient Trump Can’t Stand the Wait

But Saying He Won Doesn’t Change the Vote Count … or End It

This Is the Face of Radical-Republican Contempt for You

McConnell, Trump and Their Cronies Are Going to Make Life Hell for Biden and Everyone Else

What Is Wrong with 68 Million Americans?

How Trump’s Mental Illness Infected 48% of the Electorate

It Is What It Is

Trump and Biden Duke It Out Over a Hopelessly Divided as a Nation

The Best-Case Scenario: A Biden Landslide

Otherwise, It’s Weeks of Legal Craziness or, Worse, Four More Years of Trump’s Chaos

Let’s Cut to the Chase: If You Don’t Vote for Trump, He Doesn’t Want You to Vote

And If You Do Vote, He Doesn’t Want Your Ballot Counted

What This Election Is Really About

The Pandemic Overrides Everything, says Terry H. Schwadron, the Economy Won’t Come Back Until the Virus is Under Control

Child Sex-Trafficking Prosecutions Way Down

Trump—Jeffrey Epstein’s Creepy, Leering Wingman—Lets Other Child Rapists Off the Hook

How Trump Gets Away Without Paying Taxes

Part 1: It Helps If You’re the President—Who Can Block IRS Enforcement of Tax Laws

Five Really Big Promises Trump Has Not Kept

Supporter Point to the Small Promises He Has Kept (Hello, Jerusalem Embassy), but He’s Fallen Flat on the Deals that Matter

Texas Leads Fight to End Protections for Native American Children

States Challenge Law that Discourages Adoptions by Whites; Case Could Upend Affirmative Action Laws

Judge Blocks Effort to Destroy San Francisco Bay Salt Ponds

Move Stymies Cargill Plan to Build Housing in Area Expected to Flood as Sea Level Rises

Why You Don’t Want to Live in a Republican-Run State

Red State Governors Still Flunk Coronavirus Testing

Our Military Is Up to Something in South America

Warning Signs Are Flashing: Trump May Be Preparing to Invade Venezuela

Racism in the Pentagon and Higher

The Whitlock Case Is About Much More than One Unjustly Fired Government Employee

New Book, Short Videos Chronicle the Tale of Trump’s Impeachment

It Seems So Long Ago When the House of Representatives Gave Us All a Chance to Be Rid of the Madman in the White House 

Out On The Street After Two Secret and Illegal Investigations

Part Two: How White Trump Appointees Targeted a Top Civilian in the Pentagon, Undercut Him, Shunted Him Off to a Do-Nothing Job and Then Fired Him 

A Last Hurrah for the 2020 Race

The Final Debate Was a Lot Calmer; Trump Didn’t Melt Down, and Biden Didn’t Fall Flat

Why This Man Lost His Top Pentagon Civilian Job

Part One: A White Trump Appointee Was Determined to Take Down Warren Whitlock, Who Was in Charge of the Army’s Diversity Efforts

Barrett Failed to Disclose Leadership Role in Local Catholic Church

Supreme Court Candidate Chaired a Parish Board for Church Citing ‘Homosexual Behavior’ as an Offense Against the 10 Commandments

No, That’s Not Funny at All

Lara Trump Defends the Boorish and Harmful Behavior of Her Cruel, Self-Concerned Father-in-Law

Questions Our Senators Failed to Ask Judge Barrett

Framing Questions That Produce Revealing Answers Isn’t All That Hard  A Primer for U.S. Senators   By David Cay Johnston, DCReport Editor-in-Chief After three days of Kabuki theater, a television mini-series produced by the Senate Judiciary Committee, did you learn anything that Judge Amy Coney Barrett didn’t want you to know? Really, it’s not hard to frame

Short On Cash, Trump Campaign Can’t Keep up with Biden

Trump Coloring Book, Other Merch on Sale at Deep Discounts By David Cay Johnston, DCReport Editor-in-Chief Donald Trump’s campaign is so desperate to raise cash that it’s begun offering deep discounts on the merch it sells. The campaign’s Columbus Day “flash sale” comes amid signs that the campaign could go broke before balloting ends Nov. 3. “For

Flip-Flopping Trump Needs Democrats More Than He Needs Boot Licking Senate Republicans

A Pandemic Aid Calendar Would Have Saved GOP A Lot of Grief     Donald Trump was against a new coronavirus aid package before he was for it. And now, with time running out before the elections, we’re actually unsure of what the White House wants – other than a second term. It would seem that the

Trump’s Wildly Exaggerated Help for Black Voters

  It’s Definitely Not Urban Blacks Who Benefit Most From Federal Program That Creates Very Few Jobs    As part of every campaign speech – and in that single, awful debate – Donald Trump refers to helping black voters. Specifically, he cites lower unemployment numbers than in the years before his presidency and the introduction

EPA Eases Rule to Allow Power Plants to Dump Polluted Water

Agency Gives Utilities a Break, Reclassifies ‘Cooling Ponds’ as ‘Waste Treatment Systems’

Trump’s Economy Was Plummeting Even Before the Pandemic

A Sharp Slowdown in Personal Spending Revealed; Mike Pence Tells a Whopper During Debate

The Veeps Played Better Than Their Bosses

But That’s Not Saying Much

Trump’s EPA Gives Oklahoma Control Over Tribal Lands

Agency Reverses Tribal Sovereignty Recognized in Recent Supreme Court Ruling

EPA Chief Issues ‘Straight-Up Racist’ Order to Return to Offices

Trump Appointee Ignores the Virus; No Protections for Office Workers; 93% ‘No-Confidence’ Vote by Union

Will Republican Cultists Die for Their Dear Leader?

Forget Shooting Someone on Fifth Avenue, Now Trump Spews Death with Every Breath He Takes  

COVID-19 Has Killed More Americans Than Five Wars Combined

‘Don’t Be Afraid of COVID,’ Trump Says as 43,000 More  Get Sick Each Day

We Shouldn’t Be Surprised that Trump Is Infected

He’s Been Flouting Public-Health Instructions for Months and Urging His Followers to Disregard Them, Too

Why We Should Hope Trump Survives His Fight with COVID-19

The Country Needs a Clean Referendum on His Presidency, Says David Cay Johnston

Powerless Farmworkers Suffer Under Trump’s Anti-Migrant Policies

Labor Department Won’t Stop Corporate Abuses of ‘Essential’ Laborers; High COVID Rates, Wage Cuts, Squalid Housing

Real Tax Reform Never Had a Chance Under Trump

Congress Wrote a Lenient Tax Law for the Super-Rich and Then Barred the IRS from Enforcing It 

The Man Who Told the Truth About Donald Trump … And No One Listened

Forty Years Ago, Journalist Wayne Barrett Was Uncovering the Lies of the Queens Con Man While The New York Times Fell for His Scams

That Was No Debate. It Was a Brawl.

Biden Gave as Good as He Got, but He Sometimes Seemed Like a Prop in Trump’s Show 

Are You Ready for Tonight’s Presidential Match-Up?

On One Side There’s Biden’s Take on the Reality of the Pandemic and the Depression and on the Other Side, Well, There’s Trump

‘Bomb Trains’ Coming Soon Through Your Town

Trump, Kushner Have Financial Ties to Company that Wants ‘Bomb Trains’ to Carry Deadly Liquified Natural Gas

The Times Pulls Back the Covers on the Unrepentant Tax Cheat

The Newspaper’s Damning Expose Lays Bare Decades of Deception, Fraud and Scheming—by Trump and Congress

The Hypocrisy of ‘Socially Responsible’ Corporations

A New Report Finds Many Companies Say One Thing and Do Another

Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Has a Problem with the Constitution

Amy Coney Barrett Sees the Law as a Cruel, Harsh Master of the Individual

Governors Could Be Killing People Just to Help Trump’s Campaign

Here Are the Numbers; It Would Be Irresponsible Not To Speculate

Trump Doesn’t Get Much Out of the TikTok Deal, Except China Bashing

Campaign Donors Oracle and Walmart Get a 20% Piece of the Action, But that’s About It

This Should Be American Workers’ Future, Say House Republicans

Unions? Who Needs Them? Group Paints a Labor Vision That’s Right Out of the 19th Century Robber Barons Era.

Trump’s Record in Federal Courts Is the Worst of Any Recent President

His Administration is Losing Case After Case, Reports Sarah Okeson, as States Challenge Sloppy Efforts to Rollback Federal Benefits and Protections

Why Trump Is Happy that Justice Ginsburg Died

Once Again, He Basks in the Limelight, Gets to Play Supreme Court Kingmaker Instead of Pandemic Failure

Grifters Gonna Grift

Trump & Co. Keeps Hiring Companies with Histories of Ripping Off Our Government, Reports Phil Mattera

Bill Barr Goes Full-In Right-Wing Looney

‘Sedition’ Arrests for BLM Protesters? Prosecute Seattle’s Mayor? Mask Mandates and Slavery? Is This Guy for Real?

How Income-Tax Secrecy Benefits Trump and Hurts You

The Super-Rich Pay, or Don’t Pay, Pretty Much Whatever They Wish; Congress Looks Over Your Shoulder, Not Your Boss’s

The Virus Doesn’t Care About the Election

But Trump Does, and That’s Why He’s Pushing for a Vaccine—Any Vaccine—by Nov. 1

The Super-Rich—You Know, People Like the Trumps —Are Raking In Billions

Surprise! His Presidency Has Been Very Good for the Richest Americans, Reports David Cay Johnston.

Another Day, Another Trump Administration Scandal

Homeland Security Whistleblower Says Intelligence Was Cooked to Play Down Russian Election Interference, White Supremacist Activity

Indictments of a Killer

New Books Make It Clear, Says Bandy X. Lee, Trump Threatens Every Man, Woman and Child on Earth

Parents Are Unwittingly Poisoning Their Babies

And Trump’s FDA Is OK with It, as the Agency Sets ‘Voluntary’ Limits on Arsenic in Rice-Based Baby Foods

He Can’t Do the Job

It’s Really That Simple, says Terry H. Schwadron, Trump Is Incapable of Being a President

COVID Is Turning Out To Be Very Good for Bad Businesses

40,000 Corporations Receiving CARES Act Assistance Have a History of Misconduct

What He Really Thinks: Trump Mocks Christians, Calls Them ‘Fools’ and ‘Schmucks’

Ex-Fixer Cohen Says ‘Profoundly Immoral’ Presidential Poseur Labels Christianity ‘Bullshit’ and Is Consumed by a ‘Lust for Wealth’

Why Trump Is Wrong to Shut Down Government Diversity Training

He Calls It ‘Un-American’; Terry H. Schwadron Says Every Americans Needs to Know How Best to Relate to Every Other American

The Ugly Numbers Are Finally In on the 2017 Trump Tax Rewrite

Radical Republicans Ramrodded that Law through Congress, and, You Guessed It, the Rich Made Out Like Bandits While the Rest of Us Got Bupkis By David Cay Johnston, DCReport Editor-in-Chief The first data showing how all Americans are faring under Donald Trump reveal the poor and working classes sinking slightly, the middle class treading water, the upper-middle

Trump’s EPA Gives Power Plants a Pass on Deadly Coal Ash

Unlined Ponds Leak Arsenic and Other Poisons; Rivers and Waterways Polluted; Unedible Fish in a Tranquil Kentucky Lake

When a Tax Cut Isn’t a Cut at All

Trump’s Payroll Tax Ploy Endangers Social Security, and It Will Have to Be Paid Back Next Year

Trump Never Investigated as Russian Agent

Stunning Revelations About The Failure to Investigate Trump’s Loyalty to the Kremlin

Violence in the Streets—Politics, 2020-Style

Right-Wing Trump Supporters Brandish Guns to Intimidate Anti-Trump, BLM Protesters

Through the Looking Glass with Team Trump

The Republican Convention Was Four Nights of Delusion and Fantasy, Says Our Terry H. Schwadron

The Trump-Radical Republicans’ Convention Message: ‘It’s All Wonderful!’

‘Well, Except for that COVID Pandemic Thing, But You Can’t Blame Us for That’

What You Can Do to Help in the Coming Tidal Wave of Homelessness

Most Cities Have Lots of Empty Space Where the Newly Evicted Could Store Their Belongings

Cops Shoot Another Black Man, And the Republicans Don’t Even Notice

As the Trump Convention Drones On, Says Terry H. Schwadron, Americans Are in the Streets Again Over Trigger-Happy Police

Trump Tarnishes Another Pillar of American Science

Now He Has Compromised the Food and Drug Administration

Dear America: For God’s Sake, Vote!

The Choice In November Comes Down to Freedom or Tyranny

Bannon’s Arrest Has Trump Quaking in His Golf Shoes

Trump’s Very Bad Legal Day Started with DCReport’s Articles Last Summer

Four Years Later, Senators Say, ‘Yes, Trump Conspired With The Russians’

The Trump-Putin Election Scheming Is Laid Out in the Republican-Led Intelligence Committee’s 1,000-Page Report

Trump Lets Deadly Methane Spew Unchecked, But Bloomberg Has a Better Idea

Our Editor-in-Chief David Cay Johnston Calls It the Radical Republican Idiocracy versus Sound Science and Economics

EPA Employees Say They’re Being Forced Back to Un-Safe Offices

Environmental Protection Doesn’t Apply to the Agency’s Workplaces During the Trump Pandemic, Reports Sarah Okeson

Acting Land Chief Won’t Get the Permanent Post, But He’ll Stay on the Job

William Perry Pendley’s Opposition to Public Lands Is Much for Senate Republicans in Tight November Races, Says Sarah Okeson

USPS Leaders Can’t Keep Trump’s Lies, Or Their Own Stories, Straight

Brazen Scheme to Rig the Election by Ruining Mail Delivery Hurts Millions—Including Trump’s Supporters

Trump’s $400 Unemployment Bait-and-Switch Scheme

Erik Sherman Calls Out Trump’s Latest Bullshit: An Illegal Executive Order Puts States on the Hook and Does Nothing for Out-of-Work Americans

Mary Trump: ‘He Understands He Is Not The Person He Pretends To Be’

In Part 5 of Our ‘Inside the Mind’ Series, Psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee Talks with Psychologist Mary L. Trump about ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’

Environmental Disaster Grows Closer in Long-Disputed Alaska Mine Project

New Trump-Era Report Says ‘No Problem’ with Pebble Mine Planned for Giant, Pristine Salmon Spawning Region, Reports Our Sarah Okeson

‘A Failure to Develop an Inner Sense of Worth or Self-Esteem’

In Part 4 of Bandy X. Lee’s ‘Inside the Mind Donald J. Trump,’ A Leading Psychiatrist Takes a Detailed Look into Trump’s Narcissistic Pathologies 

Here Are the Companies Hogging COVID Stimulus Funds

Dirt Digger Phil Mattera Has a Name for Companies Double- and Triple Dipping: Pigs at the Trough

Trump Is Driving Millions of American Seniors Into Poverty

It’s Not Just His Move to Gut Social Security, Says David Cay Johnston. Trump’s Incompetent Handing of the Pandemic Is Forcing Older Workers into Permanent Hard Times

Cutting Payroll Taxes Is The Wrong Medicine

Opinion Editor Terry H. Schwadron Says Trump’s Dubious Move to Cut Social Security Taxes Won’t Revive the Virus-Infected Economy

Trump Earns a New Title: Terrorist-in-Chief

He’s Sabotaging the Postal Service When a Real President Would Be Making It Work Better

What in the World Is Trump Trying To Do With TikTok?

Opinion Editor Terry H. Schwadron Wonders Aloud: Bash the Chinese? Help Out Microsoft? Create Yet Another Re-Election Distraction? All of the Above? 

A Lonely, Terrified Boy—Afraid of His Father, Unloved by His Mother

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