London Attack Triggers Trump
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London Attack Triggers Trump

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He Takes to Twitter as His Rage Boils Over

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Trump terrorized.The Washington Post called him the “alarmist-in-chief,” when Trump took to the Twitterverse to rant about the weekend terrorist attack in London. He took the opportunity to urge for a Muslim travel ban, to criticize London’s Muslim mayor, even to take a dig at gun-control advocates. “A traditional president would have reacted carefully to the London Bridge terrorist attack by instilling calm, being judicious about facts and appealing to the country’s better angels,” wrote Philip Rucker, The Post’s White House bureau chief. But Trump “reacted impulsively to Saturday night’s carnage by stoking panic and fear, being indiscreet with details of the event and capitalizing on it to advocate for one of his more polarizing policies and to advance a personal feud.” Seven people were killed and dozens more wounded as three men sped across London Bridge in a van, ramming numerous pedestrians before emerging with large hunting knives and rampaging through in Borough Market, a crowded nightspot. Armed officers killed them.

Travel tirade. Trump on Monday said the Justice Department should not have submitted a “watered down, politically correct version” of his executive order banning travel from several Muslim countries to the Supreme Court. Trump’s suggestion that changes to the ban—which, among other things, temporarily restricts travel to the U.S. from several Muslim-majority countries—were due to political correctness could hamper his administration’s legal argument that the executive order did not target Muslims. In a string of tweets, Trump reiterated comments he made in light of the London terror attacks that the travel ban was necessary. “People, the lawyers and the courts can call it whatever they want, but I am calling it what we need and what it is, a TRAVEL BAN,” he tweeted at 6:25 a.m.

Air traffic controllers. Trump is expected to propose that regulation of our nation’s skies be turned over to a nonprofit. The proposal is based on legislation introduced in 2016 by Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) Trump previously called the Federal Aviation Administration “out of whack.” The FAA took Trump’s name off navigation points above Palm Beach International Airport in 2015. The navigation points were DONLD, TRMMP and UFIRD.

Climate change. Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement “is just enough to push us over the edge,” said a Princeton scientist. Michael Oppenheimer thinks it is “totally unrealistic” that we can avoid warming that can bring extreme heatwaves and could threaten our food supply. Leaders at the G-7 did all they could to convince Trump to stay in the Paris agreement. He wouldn’t listen. Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris agreement on the same day this year’s hurricane season began.

Portland protests. Riot police were in Portland Sunday for what was billed as the Trump Free Speech Rally and counter-demonstrations. At least 14 people were arrested. No injuries were reported.

June 5, 2017