To Our Fellow Citizens: Just 32 Weeks to Save Our Democracy
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To Our Fellow Citizens: Just 32 Weeks to Save Our Democracy

‘We the People Are All That’s Left. There’s No One Else.’

We are approaching the most significant Congressional election season in our lifetimes. Thirty-two weeks from today we decide.

November’s elections will be the true test of our democracy’s ability to cleanse itself of what is an otherwise fatal contagion. We are the antibodies here. We the people are all that’s left. There’s no one else.

The founding principle of is that we, along with our fellow citizens, own our government. We believe in government of the people, by the people and for the people.

We believe in Citizenship Journalism—telling you, our fellow citizens, what is going on within our government and showing you what you can do about it. That’s it.

DCReport is a tiny band of brothers and sisters with infinitesimal resources. We can’t do fancy graphics, and we can’t send reporters all over the world, but we can dig and report and link and explain and break stories and raise hell.

We can do whatever we can do to help keep our struggling democracy alive.

Tell us your ideas, not just for individual stories but for things we can do to help citizens take charge of their government. Have a plan. Help us out. Donate money. Volunteer your skills.

Let’s make these next 32 weeks count. This is the people’s work we’re up to. If we don’t do it, who will?

We can do whatever we can do.

March 27, 2018