Author: Phil Mattera

Phil Mattera is the Research Director of Good Jobs First and head of their Corporate Research Project. He has been doing strategic corporate research for labor, environmental, public-interest and other activist groups for three decades. He has written for RawStory, AlterNet and; and is the publisher of Dirt Diggers Digest, a blog chronicling corporate misbehavior.

A Helpful Step for Higher Standards in Treatment of Workers, Communities and the Environment The Biden Administration is causing a stir with its decision to place some conditions on the massive subsidies that are to be awarded to semiconductor companies under the CHIPS and Science Act.  A front page story in the New York Times quotes some economists and business advocates expressing concern that the requirements will detract from the main objectives of the law. What has these critics upset are provisions that would require giant corporations such as Intel to provide child care for employees, pay union wages to construction workers,…

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