Author: Terry Schwadron

Terry H. Schwadron retired as a senior editor at The New York Times, Deputy Managing Editor at The Los Angeles Times and leadership jobs at The Providence (RI) Journal-Bulletin. He was part of a Pulitzer Gold Medal team in Los Angeles, and his team part of several Pulitzers in New York. As an editor, Terry created new approaches in newsrooms, built technological tools and digital media. He pursued efforts to recruit and train minority journalists and in scholarship programs. A resident of Harlem, he volunteers in community storytelling, arts in education programs, tutoring and is an active freelance trombone player.

From TPP to Syria, Trump and His Administration Change Positions From Day to Day Just when we’re ready to give forehead-banging criticism a day off, Trump and his merry band keep pulling us back in. “The president’s backflips on foreign policy have left officials more bewildered than usual,” read a pithy promo on The New York Times homepage that seemed to capture the spirit of head-whipping incredulity that comes with turning on the morning news report. “Trump Chooses Impulse Over Strategy” read the top Washington Post headline. From issues of war to issues of personal truth-telling, there was a…

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