Author: Arabella Saunders and Dair McNinch

Arabella Saunders and Dair McNinch are studying investigative reporting at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Small Crowd Shows Trump’s Fast Fading Popularity  Selma, N.C.  – A smiling young white man in a navy blue jacket emblazoned with “Team Trump” handed out silver-colored wristbands to a dozen eager Trump supporters hours before the former president’s rally here Saturday night. “This what you all wanted, right?” said the man,  B. Caulder embroidered in white on his jacket. Then, grinning, he dealt a wristband to a woman draped in an American flag shawl. It was 4:30 p.m., and we were all gathered near a barbeque food truck in a half-empty field at The Farm at 95, a venue…

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