Author: Andrew Galbraith Tod Hardin

Andrew Galbraith is a longtime artist based in Detroit. He is very active in the harm reduction movement there, where he makes a true difference in helping those that society typically shuns. Tod Hardin is a filmmaker, marketer, and writer. He serves as the managing editor for DCReport.

PFAS Pollutes the Drinking Water of 200 Million Americans We are delighted to feature this political cartoon from the creativity of Andrew Galbraith and Tod Hardin. PFAS is a major problem worldwide and one that none of us are immune to. This collection of 10,000+ toxic chemicals are linked to such health issues as increased incidence of cancer, liver and kidney disease, reproductive issues, immunodeficiencies, and hormonal disruptions. It’s in the blood of 99% of all Americans, including infants; and, of course, underserved and marginalized communities are feeling the impact more than the rest of us. Sadly, the corporate world…

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