Author: James S. Henry

James S. Henry is an American economist, lawyer, and investigative journalist. He is an Edward R. Murrow Fellow at Tufts University's Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and an INSPIRE Fellow at its Institute for Global Leadership. Henry has written extensively on the problems of tax justice and development finance.

SVB Execs Sold Millions of Dollars In Company Shares Just Two Weeks Before Collapse We are not talking here about dodgy Third World banks, shady sultry tropical havens, or “podunk” newbie bankers in Kansas and Alabama. With the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, we are talking about some of the wealthiest, best connected, ostensibly most sophisticated bankers, VCs, and technologists on the planet, at the busy intersection of finance AND technology in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Chicago, LA, Boston, DC, AND … Shanghai and Hong Kong. THAT is the problem. This tiny elite just screwed up big time. And putting “Humpty…

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