Author: Christopher J. Preston

Christopher Preston is a professor of environmental philosophy at the University of Montana in Missoula. He works on the ethics of emerging technologies, wildlife, and gender. His award-winning book The Synthetic Age: Outdesigning Evolution, Resurrecting Species, and Reengineering Our World (MIT Press, 2018) has been translated into six languages. The US National Science Foundation, the Templeton Foundation, and the Kone Foundation (Finland) have all supported his work. His latest book, Tenacious Beasts: Animals Back from the Brink will be published by MIT Press in early 2023.

Several Reasons Why Public Sentiment Towards Wolves Has Changed From sports to pop culture, there are few themes more appealing than a good comeback. They happen in nature, too. Even with the Earth losing species at a historic rate, some animals have defied the trend toward extinction and started refilling their old ecological niches. I’m a philosopher based in Montana and specialize in environmental ethics. For my new book, “Tenacious Beasts: Wildlife Recoveries That Change How We Think About Animals,” I spent three years looking at wildlife comebacks across North America and Europe and considering the lessons they offer. In…

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