Author: Leland Glenna

My teaching and research program is in agriculture and natural resources. Within that more general program, I have three areas of emphasis: 1) social and environmental impacts of agricultural science and technologies, 2) the role of science and technology in agricultural and natural resource policy making, and 3) the social and ethical implications of democratizing science and technology research. Although I do not have a formal extension appointment, I consider it the responsibility of rural sociologists to participate in outreach activities. One of my most significant outreach activities has been my service as a member on the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s Task Force on Faith and Genetics.

U.S. Consumers Could Save $40 Billion per Year if They Could Repair Electronics and Appliances – About $330 per Family As tractors became more sophisticated over the past two decades, the big manufacturers allowed farmers fewer options for repairs. Rather than hiring independent repair shops, farmers have increasingly had to wait for company-authorized dealers to arrive. Getting repairs could take days, often leading to lost time and high costs. A new memorandum of understanding between the country’s largest farm equipment maker, John Deere Corp., and the American Farm Bureau Federation is now raising hopes that U.S. farmers will finally regain…

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